Reinforcing bar

A rebar, or reinforcing bar, is a steel bar used to reinforce reinforced concrete or masonry. It is made of carbon steel and has a ribbed surface to improve its adhesion to the concrete.


The W grades are used when special use of weldable and ductility bars is required. The shade numbers represent the minimum elastic limit in MPa (megapascals).

Shades of weldable bars in millimeters

  • Minimum
  • Maximum

Reinforced concrete is a composite material made of concrete and steel bars that combines the compressive strength of concrete with the steel tensile strength.

The Canadian framework is manufactured for Canadian mills specially recommended by the Ministère des Transports.

Drilling in concrete

The drilling service contains high-performance components including specialized drills, crowns of varying sizes to drill to the required depth, and high quality epoxy infusion.

Drilling in concrete involves drilling in reinforced concrete a strand of different
To avoid cracking of the latter.